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Loud noise echoes across the forest, finally reaching to the ears of four wolves. One of them looks to the direction where the noise is coming from. His golden and black colored fur shined lightly as the sun hit it. He was sure that the sound did came at the one of hidden ninja village, Konoha.

"Sensei, is everything okay?" Black and white colored wolf not far ahead of him asked.

The wolf turned his eyes back to three wolves front of him. All of them where well trained ninjas. Yes after one day when he had turned to wolf, not his free will of course, he had started his own ninja village, well not village more like pack full of more or less talented wolves who could learn same basics as humans. He, himself did come to pack's leader because, well he was the best of all ninja wolves.

"Kuroi Shiro, don't tell me that you didn't hear what I did?" His voice was filled at seriousness.

"I did and that's why I asked is everything okay because you seem to be worried"

"Kuroi...." but before he could say anything ells he was interrupted by the only female of the group.

"Kuro can't you see that Naruto-niisan is serious and of course he is worried because that sound came at the Konoha" she huffed and looked angry.

"Ha Ki, enough"

"Hai, niisan"

Ha Ki looked down, shamed how she acted. Naruto looked to her but know that she would never learn keep her short temper in control if he would everytime be on her side and would comfort her. He turned to see the last member of the group. The black wolf looked to Naruto and just seemed wait the command what to do. Naruto nodded to him.

"Golden Shadow, you go see what is happening in Konoha. Take Kuroi with you, he can heal those who has been injured lightly. Ha Ki, you go back to the pack and bring them 500 meter's close Konoha's gates. Understood?"

"Hai, Naruto-sensei/niisan" all three answered.


With that word all three ran fast to do their new mission's. Thought their speed was much more faster than normal wolves. It was all because of the ninja training that Naruto have gave to them. He looked after them and feel proud of all three of them. Smiling he look up to sky yet his smile faded as he saw ten's of bird's leaving at Konoha's direction.

'This isn't good. When Konoha sends so many messenger bird's that means  something bad has happened. I have to go there and talk to Tsudane-baachan, she have to know that I'm alive and she have to know that she will have more allies than she thinks to have.'

Without more thinking Naruto run towards Konoha. Thought he take different bath than Shadow and Kuroi. He stopped next to wall about 2 kilometers away Hokage building. Looking around he saw small hole in the ground, just big enough that wolf or child could use it. Using the secret pass way under the big wall's of Konoha he started the his way to the other side. The tunnel was long, he knew that. It would be easier to go over the gates and run to roof to roof but he also knew that it would make people in Konoha think that he was one of the attacker's. After ten more minutes in underground tunnel he saw light. He get of the tunnel shaking the dust of his fur.

Ah, now I remember why I didn't like that dam tunnel. It makes my fur dirty.'

Naruto looked around him. He was near Hokage building . He smirked and moves to see if the enty was blocked. He moves close the entry using the pushes to cover him. When he had clear wave to the entry he did saw that it was blocked by ANBU, well it wasn't surprise. He looked up to see that if one of the windows where open. If he could he would have laughed, one of them was open. Like every ninja he also know how to run up at wall, of course using paws where different thing than foot but he was used to it already.

With smooth jump Naruto was next the wall and with another smooth jump he was ll the way half away to the window. He run to the window and moves inside the building. With one sniff he could smell all those people he haven't seen in long time. Naruto could only smile, how much he missed all of his friends. He sighed, this wasn't time think that.

Naruto jumped little when he heard steps not far away him. He looked around and see one of the hallway doors open. With one silent and fast move he was in, cleaning closet.

How didn't I notice them. Dammit!'

"Can you close the window. Someone can get inside by using it"

"Yes, sensei"

Naruto looked to the hallway but didn't know who the girl who closed window, thought she and her sensei smelled familiar.

"Thank you Hanabi. Now lets go if Hokage-sama has us something to do" smiled the pink haired sensei to the young Hyuuga girl.

"My pleasure, Sakura-sensei" Hanabi smiled.

The two females moved forward as Naruto looked his mouth open after them. He was stunned to see how much they have chanced in that time he was away, yet other hand he was dead to them or well at least missing.

After waiting some minutes he moved out the cleaning closed. He followed Sakura's and Hanabi's sent even thought he knew where Hokage's office was. When Naruto was one corner away at the office he moved to the ceiling, this way avoiding most of the people who might be next the Hokage's office door.

Waiting again also making sure no one was there or seeing him, he moves down. Landing front of the door with soft thump. He looked the door but also saw shadow of the person behind him. He moved fast and growling, ready to fight the person.


Mean time inside the office Sakura and Hanabi looked Tsunade waiting her order. Tsunade where looking out of the window and saw some smoke pillars across Konoha. She grunted, making Shizune looks to her TonTon in her arms as always.

"This isn't good. Who is the attacker?" Tsunade yelled.

One of the ANBU member's appeared. Even not showing his face you could tell that he was scared by the voice.

"Hokage-sama, we doesn't know. The enemy is fast and clever and it seems so that the attacker also know Konoha very well"

"Try harder. Do what ever you can to know the attacker's identity. Dismissed"

"Hai, Hokage-sama"

"Sakura, how things are going in hospital?" This time Tsunade's voice wasn't angry yet it was still serious.

"There isn't many wounded. Only several people at the blasted buildings"

"That's good to hear" she sighed at relief.

Yet then there was fighting type noise coming just outside the office door. Everyone in the office looked to the door waiting. They heard that the other one who fight there was animal and by the way it growled and whined they did also expect to see dog. The fight last ten more minutes then came silentness. Hanabi swallowed as she keep looking the door with the rest of people inside the office.

All of them jumped as the door opened but soon all of them sighed at relief, seeing Kakashi. He didn't have any wound's if you don't count small bite marking at his arm. All in the office looked him with question on their face. Kakashi looked them and smiled under his mask showing them golden colored wolf witch was tied up only it could do was growl but it didn't do it. Kakashi throw the wolf front of Tsunade.

"It tried to sneak in the office. Lucky that I was on my way to here and saw it just before it came. I just wonder how it came inside without anyone noticing" he looked Hokage and the other's.

"At the window that was open" said Hanabi by gasp. Making everyone look to her.

"It can be. We close the window" Sakura looked Hanabi.

Hanabi shakes her head. "It came in before that. I did scan hole building at Buykugan and did saw small amount of chakra figure coming at the window thought it disappear when it came in, so I didn't think it was important"

"Hanabi everything is now important" Tsunade sighed.

"I know it now but what are we going to do that...wolf. Where it go?"

Everyone looked where the wolf where suppose to be. They gasped when only thing they saw was ropes that the wolf was tied up. Now alarmed they graped their kunai's ready to fight if the wolf would attack.

"I suggest you to put those kunai's down because  you don't need them. I'm not enemy more like ally"

Everyone looked to the window to see that the wolf was sitting there. It blue eyes looked to them with no hesitation in them and more important they show that that it had not lied. With that all member's in the room moved their kunai's back where their had taken them.

"Tell why would I think you are all and not enemy? You did try sneak in the office after all" Tsunade looked to wolf serious gaze. In same time she did think that the wolf familiar somehow.

"I will answer that soon but first..." the wolf chuckled making everyone gasp yet again because they really didn't have believe that wolf could talk. He looked to Kakashi humor in his eyes.

"Did you really think that only ropes could hold wolf it you don't tie it's snout also, Kakashi-sensei" it chuckles once again this time making Kakashi look amusement at the sensei part as everyone ells.

Turning his attention back to Tsunade as the human member's of the room (plus TonTon of course) looked him.

"Because Tsunade-baachan I have many well trained ninja wolves waiting my command to come in the village to defend it not to attack"

"Hey, one thing you dam wolf. Do not ever calm my baachan because only one person can call me that"

"And who is this person tell me?"

At this Tsunade looked down sadness in her eyes but then she looked back to the wolf still having sad eyes, yet there was no hesitation in  them and neither was in her voice.

"That is Uzumaki Naruto. This village's number one ninja. There is no one ells who calls me baachan than him and only him"

The wolf looked to Hokage, nodding. Then suddenly next to the wolf appeared two other wolves.  The other one was black yet its belly was golden, as the other one was black and white and looked tired little.

"Naruto-sensei, Kuroi and I have healed those who where more or less wounded as also we know who are the attacker's"

"Tell me Shadow"

"Hai. The attacker's are from Akatsuki. Uchiha Sasuke and Madara are leading as there is Zetsu and Kabuto as their allies"

"Good job, both of you. Just wait me on that roof you are now. Make sure no one is interrupting me, understood?"

"Hai, sensei"

At that both them sit down not too far from Naruto yet not too close either. Naruto turned his attention back to the member's of the room just to found stunned people in there.

"Ahahaaa, I was getting that I am Uzumaki Naruto" he chuckled nervous this time.

Before thought no one could say word Naruto transformed back to human. He looked them giving then his trade mark grin.

"So how is going? Still needing my help?"


The yell of his name make Naruto lose his balance and he fall at the window to roof under it. He then rubbed back of his head and get back to window looking the other's.

"Dammit, there is no reason to yell you know"

"Where in earth have you been in this time?" asker where Sakura.

Naruto looked to her "Sakura-chan that is long story and yes I would rather tell it now than after battle with Sasuke and Madara. If that is possible?  It seems that they are looking something and not attacking the village just yet."

"Naruto if you are willing to tell us what happened we are all ears" Tsunade looked Naruto with almost begging eyes.

"Very well then, just one thing. Kuroi!"

Naruto turned to see one of the two wolves behind him.

"Hai, sensei?"

"Go and tell Ha Ki that this can take while. Make sure that all pack are in the position that I have ordered for moment like this"

"Yes, sensei"

With that Kuroi leaved Naruto and the other's. Naruto then looked to Shadow.

"Shadow you go and inform those Konoha's village dog's that are your friends and then go after Sasuke and Madara. Make sure they don't see you and try to figure out what they want. Come back after an hour"

"Hai, Naruto-sensei"

Without sound Shadow was also away. Naruto looked to back to Sakura and other's yet again and climbed inside the office and sits down leaning against wall behind him. Taking comfortable posture.

"I suggest that you all sit down because this will take about an hour or more to tell" Naruto said calmly.

Tsunade nodded and all of them sit down and also take comfortable posture then they turned their attention back to Naruto one by one. Naruto did see that Sakura had sat down close to him but not too close, there was enough room between them to one person. This make his heart skip one beat. He almost started to daydream but catch himself in last minute to not sink in them. His feeling's haven't chance all these years being away. He liked Sakura. Not liked, he loved her but now wasen't the time to think that.  He looked back to other's with seriousness in his eyes.

"Well it all start four years ago.........."
This story was nearly 7 (A4) pages long :XD: I don't know how it came so long but it just did. All I can say that it was fun to right this one. In some point I did want to danger kinda thing in it as you can see :giggle: It did even myself nervous.

:P I tough that I should done this as comic but give up because of big art block. Sorry about that. Maybe one day I will do comic of this or someone ells will XP

It would be nice to know what do you think about it. So please comment.

See the wolf design's here:…

Part Two -->

Do not own any of Naruto character's.
Wolf ninja's by me
Cover by wolffuchs

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