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Ha Ki shivered and soon also Naruto. They both had heard the voice as the rest of the people around them but  the thing was that it had echoed in their heads. It make all of them confused at where the voice had came. The leader of Sound ninja's look to Naruto and pup but soon his jaw drop and he started to point in the woods.

"There is someone..or something.."  

Everyone turned around alarmed at so sudden shout but as they saw the creature's eyes they came full body paralyzed and as they blink it had disappeared. The paralyze around their bodies vanished. Everyone panted, the Sound ninjas had drop down their knees. Only Naruto and Ha Ki where the ones who didn't seem to have any effects at the creature's paralyze technique. But soon after that Naruto could feel how his head started to hurt, it wasn't normal headache.

Great. Now I have migraine' Naruto think.'

"Naruto, are you okay?" Sakura asked, looking worried because he seemed to be in lot of pain.

"I think I have migraine" he mumbled.

"Here, take this pill and go home. I come check you after we got dismissed by Hokage-sama"

"But what about Kakashi-sensei and other's?"

"Don't worry about it Naruto. It's better that you do what Sakura says, she is the medic ninja of your team, right?" the teens look up and see Kakashi coming to them.  

"Kakashi-sensei, how did you know?"

"Well I was coming look you and the pup. Just checking because you didn't have any effects but seem that you have taken some. Now just be good boy and do as Sakura say"

"Hai.." he take the pill that Sakura was still holding "You are coming to see me still?"

Sakura look Naruto little bit confused at the question but nod "Of course"

He smiled and nod to them both "I'm of then. This little girl needs food also"

Ha Ki barked lightly and wag her tail. All three smiled. Naruto waved his hand to Sai and Yamato. Soon he was heading home with Ha Ki. The pup look around extremely curious about everything. At the smells, at so many people and huge buildings. After some while punch of kids run past Naruto, the pup did catch their attention like magnet and soon they ran back to him and start walking beside him.

"Uumm.." one of boys in the group started "Is that dog yours?"

"Well she is mine but you got the specie wrong"

"But it is a dog!" all the kids mumbles and nod.

Naruto smirked "Nope. Ha Ki is wolf. I found her just awhile ago. It's orphan"

"You cant bring wolves in village.."

"Who has said that? Besides I'm not on the mood right now to talk to you and argue at this. I just got back at mission, also this girl needs food. So would you be kind and let me go home now?"

The kids mumbled and soon let Naruto pass them. After walking around 5 minutes he could still feel their eyes on his back, with that he turned his head and gave to the kids irritated and annoyed look. All of them jumped and run to the direction where they had come from but soon running to the other direction, where they had headed before they had come to Naruto. It make him chuckle but because of the migraine he had to stop, it hurt too much right now. Ha Ki whined little as she saw him rubbing his head.

Naruto-niisan, are you okay?'

'Just call me Naruto, Ha Ki. And to answer to your question; No I'm not'

'Can I do anything to you?'

'Don't worry about it. We are soon in my apartment. In there I give you some warm milk and I take this pill that Sakura-chan gave me'

'Is Sakura-oneechan your girlfriend?'

Naruto blinked and look down to the pup in his arms. Ha Ki look back and wag her tail happily as  her mouth was open as she pant, it look like that she was smirking to him.

'Don't smirk at me and she is not my girlfriend'

'Really? Then why are you two giving so warm looks to each others?'

'Because it makes us more relaxed and we are best friends'

'Best friends can be lovers, you know'

Naruto blushed on the way walking up the stairs. It wasn't that he didn't know it. More likely it was because he didn't want to loose Sakura as friend because of his feelings. The confusing part was that he was unable to hold those feelings inside him anymore, like what happened in the morning. As front of his door he put Ha Ki down and started look in his pockets to find his keys. Soon as he opened the door she ran inside looking around, curios again.

"Heh, you have your energy back. But still don't over do it okay, silly puppy"

Ha Ki just barked little and wag her tail. She run around the apartment while Naruto heat the milk, he had check that it was still good. As the milk was ready he put the bowl down on the floor and newspaper under it. As Ha Ki drink the milk happily, Naruto take glass of water and drink it. He look the pill on his hand. With small sigh he took another glass of water and drink the pill down. Then he moved on his sofa to lay down. After sometime he felt that something had landed on his belly and then soon snuggling to his side. Naruto opened his eyes and saw Ha Ki already in fast sleep next to his side. With smile Naruto pet her head and back little. He then closed his eyes again soon drifting somewhere between dream and reality.


Not long or so it seem to Naruto as he wake up to Ha Ki's barking. Next thing he heard was knock at the door. Grumping little he get up and walk to the as Ha Ki run around his legs having her energy back once again.

"..Didn't I told you take it easy you silly pup.." Naruto mumbled.

Other side door was Sakura. She didn't look so happy so Naruto expected that the things haven't gone so well. He motioned her in and she smiled thankfully. Without asking she sit on the sofa and sighed long as Naruto remind standing. Ha Ki in other hand jump on Sakura's lap and curl down with long yawn.

"What did I just say to you" Naruto chuckled and starched behind pup's ear, Ha Ki murred lightly.

Sakura chuckled as well "What did you say to her?"

"To take it easy. She have to gain more weight and she also gets tired fast as being so small"


"Want anything to drink?"

"Water, please"

Naruto nod and walked in kitchen. Getting class of water to Sakura and apple juice to himself. He didn't get anything to Ha Ki because she was already in fast sleep again. As he walk back in the living room he saw both of them looking perfectly happy at where they where. The most surprising thing was that he didn't want to loose that sight ever. He wanted to see it everyday for now on, at that thought he blushed lightly and make his way to the sofa. He placed classes on the table and yawned little.

"How are you Naruto?" Sakura look him worried.

"Better now that you are here....I mean now that I have taken your pill and slept little" Naruto blushed deeply as Sakura did also.

"T-Thats good to hear" She mumbled back.

"Mhmm. So how did the things on with Obaa-chan? At what did I read your face, nothing good"

"Hmph, you can say that at the first half hour in the office rest of it did go smoothly but I didn't really pay much attention"

"Why is that? Its not you usually that space out" his voice was full of surprise towards his fellow team mate.

"Was mostly worried at you. You where pale and look like you would puke at any moment" she muttered as reply as she blushed once again.

Naruto blinked and then grinned "Well good to know that even one was thinking me" With that he lay down on the sofa so that his head was next to her as his legs hang over the other end of the couch. Sakura blushed lightly as she gently started to run her hand across his hair making the blond close his eyes enjoying and lightly blush.

"Want to tell me what happened?" He asked after 10 minutes of enjoying.



1 hour before..

Sakura and Kakashi watched after Naruto but as soon he had disappeared to other people they turn around. The Sound Nninjas where still on their knees, sweat run over their face and they look even more pale than when Kakashi had first saw them.

"Sakura do you have any small energy pills for them? So that they can survive one hour with Hokage-sama"

"Yes I have but smallest amount time I have in them is 2 hours"

"Even better. If they can get there walking by their own its good and even better if they can walk where ever they are put after Hokage-sama has dismissed us"

Sakura nod and reached to her pouch taking 3 pills at there. She then walked to the Sound ninjas and handed the pills to them. All three looked at the pills for some while before take them. As the energy run to their bodies, they seemed to relax little bit more. Kakashi smiled little and Sakura also. Yamato and Sai came to them.

"Kakashi-sempai, we cant walk to Hokage-sama's office with three Sound ninjas without tied up"

Kakashi nod "I know that. Sai could you make three of those ink snakes of your's and make them tie these up. Be sure that they are tied tightly but still so that they can feel comfy"


"Is it really necessary?" the leader asked.

"Yes. That is if you don't want to be punched by her"

It seemed that all three grew pale once again and in unison the shook heads. Sai tied the snakes around them. First it seemed that they where too tight but soon the Sound ninjas did relax. With nod they told that it wasn't too tight. Kakashi motioned Yamato and Sai to take grip at the back of their shirt. It wasn't that they would have run away but needed to look like this to fool villagers and fellow shinobi's, and maybe also Hokage.

Everything did go smoothly as the plan was simple. No one did expect nothing more than that Kakashi's team had captured Sound ninjas that had couple of days ago attacked to Kiba and others. Well nearly everyone. Shikamaru gave them odd look and tilt his head as they walk by, Sakura felt uneasy under Shikamaru's gaze but soon his dad asked him come inside the shop. Shikamaru sighed and walk in not bothering to think Sakura and others. The only problem was to get in with the Sound ninjas. Usually enemy ninjas where taken away to investigate their methods, in this case why they did attack Kiba and rest of his team.

As they came to Hokage building two Anbu's came front of them. They make all of them halt by only raising their hands.

"Enemy ninjas are wanted in investigating building. We will take them there so that you can report to Hokage-sama"

"You wont have them before Hokage-sama has talked with them. I think she will be very eager to have this opportunity" Kakashi said strongly and coolly.

The Anbus look him and as they see that he was dead serious, the other one sighed "I will ask at Hokage-sama"

"I do not ask nothing more"

It take several minutes before anything happened, actually it did take fully amount of 15 minutes before Hokage walked outside with the Anbu, Her eyes where cold and emotionless, thought small amount of surprise came to her eyes as she didn't see Naruto anywhere.

"Follow me" turning around she started to walk around the Hokage building as rest of all followed her lead, Anbus being last ones. As they came to back side if the building she opened hidden door and walked in, the door closed behind Yamato. Anbus stood front of the door and make sure no one did came or get inside. When the door had closed Sai released the Sound ninjas that then stood motionlessly and watched Hokage under their hair. She in other hand looked surprised at Sai's action.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"They don't attack or try escape, Hokage-sama" Kakashi said bowing his head little.

"I still don't understand why I had to talk these mens"

"The thing is that these three are runaways, at former Sannin Orochimaru's people and now at Akatsuki's"

"What?!?" Tsunade was confused.

"May I tell you what have happened..?" the leader of them asked with low voice.

Tsunade watched him with emotionless eyes and look like she was going to attack because he had interrupted her. The leader seemed to shirk under Hokage's gaze. Kakashi had to think something fast or Tsunade would punch or kick the Sound ninjas out and not at the door, at the wall.

"Hokage-sama, I think it the best to them tell. We don't know all, actually we don't know almost anything"

With small sigh Tsunade nod "Very well but make it clear as possible and tell all details"

"Hai!" the leader said with high voice.

The prefer did last 20 minutes or 25. In that time the leader told that he was in Jonin and the two other ones where Chuunin. The thing was that Sasuke had killed Orochimaru when his condition had gotten weak and it was to him almost time to get new body to transfer, in this case to Sasuke. But it seemed that Sasuke new when to attack this former Sannin. They didn't know it all happen but the battle had been fears and full of power, both mental and physical. Kabuto had alert all Sound ninja members at this back then but it didn't take long that Sasuke started tracking all former Sound ninjas, with along Suigetsu, Karin and Juugo plus those Setsu's white mini clones or what ever they where called. They did catch all they could find, thought about one of three did say 'no' and where killed right away. The leader, now know as Sakai the Chuunin's where Naki and Sirui, told that he and his friends where send to Sand to spy but by that opportunity they flee to Fire. That was because Fire country was too strong to Sasuke and Madara right now. But after while they had seen some white Setsu's. They had been running sense then and also had stop when it was highly needed and one of those breaks Kiba and his team members had surprised them. It had been merely reflex that they had started that small battle.

Tsunade was long silent after this. Her eyes where closed as she think all what she had heard just before. It was a lot of information that should be shared with other Hidden Villages. She knew that there was no other choice. Sasuke and Madara where all people enemy, not just Fire people. It would be huge dishonor and could be also count as betray towards other countries if Tsunade would keep this all herself. The Sound ninjas stood motionlessly and watched her as did Kakashi and his team. The pause was so long that Sakura gave her first silent yawn ever when she was with Hokage, that did surprise her and team mates. Tsunade then opened her eyes and watched to the Sound ninjas.

"I believe what you told me. I had send one Anbu team to patrol and they told some things that you just did"

"I am glad to hear that, Hokage-sama" Sakai said with relieved smile.

Tsunade nod "Kakashi I am glad that you found them. Good work, mission is cleared for now"

Kakashi nod to Tsunade "That is good to hear. Hokage-sama would there three get some food and new clothes as also safe place to sleep and maybe when time is right we could take them as Konoha's own ninjas"

Tsunade and Sound ninjas blinked at Kakashi and then looks each others. The silence drop down as Tsunade thinked again for while but this time she was rather fast with her solution.

"I think you right Kakashi. I will take care of that as soon you tell me where Naruto is, I kinda miss that babble mouth"

"Tsunade-sama, he got migraine at the front gates on the way back. So I send him home with migraine medicine"

"Well first time to all. Thank you Sakura for taking care of him, he is like my grandson or something"

Sakura blushed lightly and nod "Its nothing. I will go check him just in case"

"Even better. You all are now dismissed. Expect Kakashi and Yamato, you two take the two Anbu's outside and take these three somewhere safe"   

"Hai!" all seven said in unision.

As they walk outside the Anbu's moved and tensed up, Tsunade rise her hand and they relaxed. Kakashi motioned former Sound ninjas and Yamato as also the Anbu's with him. The last two didn't look so pleasured being controlled the former Anbu, now Jonin but as Hokage gave them one of her glares they did as Kakashi asked thought with sour faces, it could be told even that they had mask on.

"We will go the East side barracks" Kakashi said to them and the others nod.

Sai disappeared almost right away himself witch lead to that Tsunade and Sakura where only ones there anymore. Sakura was her way to move out also, she was eager to check Naruto but Tsunade stop her by calling her name.

"Sakura, would you come to my office before you go check Naruto? I have something that is for him"

Sakura was now curios what it was but also not so wanting to go "Sure, Hokage-sama"

Tsunade and Sakura walked to Hokage's office with peaceful silence but to Sakura it was more like torture. She was too eager to go and check Naruto but she also know that she could not do that right now. They stepped inside the office where Shizune and Ton Ton was waiting them. Tsunade walked other side the table and sat down her chair as Sakura stood other side the table, Shizune was standing next to Hokage, holding Ton Ton on her lap. Tsuande take one scroll at her desk and tossed it to Sakura, it had unknown seal on it that she didn't recognize.

"Kiba wanted me to give that Naruto but as he wasn't with you when you come, one of the Anbu's told, I believe you can take it to him"

"What is in this?"

"I don't know either. All clans haves their own sealing ways when they want to communicate with their own members"

"But Naruto isn't part of Inuzuka clan"

"True but I believe that Kiba has put there some kind mechanism that makes it open to Naruto"

"Why wont Kiba want you to know what is in this?" Sakura was confused at her former class mates behavior.

"Like you we all haves our secrets. Some of them are clans inner secrets and so on. It must have taken some time to Kiba get permission to tell these things to Naruto"

"Ah, am I dismissed now?" she moved little and watched eagerly at the direction where Naruto's house was.

Tsunade chuckled to her pupil "Yes you are"

Sakura nearly ran outside the office leaving both Tsunade and Shizune chuckling at her speed. They had knew that she had been eager to go check Naruto but that she was so eager that running out of the office was best solution was surprise to both.  

"It seems that the knucklehead has finally make some moves towards her" Tsunade chuckled as she faced the window behind her.

"I wonder what Naruto-kun must have done"

"Nothing bad I believe. Sakura would be most likely upset and angry if he would have done something he shouldn't"

"And punched him"

"Hah, true"

Both of them laughed for good time before Shizune take couple of piles unsigned paper's out of no where witch make the Hokage glare her and reach to one of her desk's box.

"No drinking when your working"

"Mood ruiner"


Sakura searched her pouch and after sometime she finally found the scroll that Tsunade had given to her. She then handed it to Naruto who look it interested for several minutes but then tossed it on the table next to the sofa. Sakura was confused at this and look down to Naruto.

"Why don't you read it?"

"Now that I know its form Kiba I can surely tell, almost, what it has inside" the blond muttered as respond his eyes closed.

"But if its something important"

"It can wait. I still don't feel so good"

"Ah, well maybe its better that you feel better before you get yourself something again that would mean brain work to you"

"Thanks a lot"

Sakura chuckled "Aww, come on. You know that I'm right"

Naruto pretend to be upset at her comment, witch make his team mate glare him. She then take Ha Ki of her lap and placed her on pillow that had fallen on floor. Pup watched what Sakura was up to. Sakura then started tickle attack towards her blond team mate. The attack last long and Naruto was out of breath for several minutes.

"Dam you" he muttered and sit up.

"You get what you deserved"

Naruto turned his head to Sakura "Oh really?"


"Why you.." he then attacked to Sakura tickling her longer than she had him.

"That was unfair Naruto"




"How come 'no'?"

"Just no"

"How did I are just one knucklehead ninja, you know that?" she muttered.

"I know" he grinned.
Okay here is chapter 7. Hope I didnt keep you in waiting for too long ^^; My job is taking most of my time and I'm very tired when I get home. I write so much as I can but I cant force myself do more than around page or two, to be honest I get bored by time.

I get more and more idea's to this story when I leave it for while and kinda rethink the red line.

And if you are thinking that you may have to wait chapter 8 for long or longer than this you may be right but I have already started chapter 8 ;) so no worries.

Part One --> [link]

Part Eight --> [link]

Naruto and other's @ Kishimoto
Ha Ki and Sound ninjas and story @ me
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