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Author Note: If you cant read press the T above the text, it makes it smaller so it fits to the area!

Naruto shake his head and rubbed his ear wondering had he heard something or not. He then looked to there where the sound should had come but didn't see anything at there, thought he was curios. Naruto looked to the other seeing that they where more interested at the markings on the tree and around the field, trying figuring out what had happened. He smirked and used the opportune to look what had made the sound but as soon he had turned his back and take couple of steps where sound had come a hand was placed on his shoulder, making him stop, surprised looking over his shoulder he saw Sakura.

"How it is always you who stop me?"

"Because I'm looking you and making sure you don't do anything stupid"

"Like what and why are you looking me?"

"Umm, because, umm, I don't want that you go and fight those Sound ninjas by your own"

"I don't even know where they are. Non of my clones has been destroyed or they haven't displayed themselves"

"Oh really? How do I know that?"


"See, you can't prove that you don't where they are"

"Well if you must to know I think I heard something at there"

Naruto points to the spot where the creature have fainted. Yet even Sakura can't see it yet. Naruto looked her with serious eyes.

"I just want to go see if there is anything"

His team mate sighed and looked down for while. After long and awkward pause she looked back to him and nodded.

"Fine but I will come with you. You never know what there is waiting at you"

"Fine with me"

Naruto smiled happily making Sakura smack at him to back of his head. He rubbed the stop that she had smacked still smiling, soon getting back to serious. As they get closer at the creature, they saw that it was some type of animal but could not say what. Naruto knelled down and moved some of long grass away to see better, Sakura had taken kunai out of her pouch ready to attack if the creature would do same. Both of them where surprised to see wolf pup, thin one. The mostly surprising thing at in it was the colors. Mainly it was white and green like the grass around it, thats why it was hard to see without moving the long grass away from sight, then it had gray marking at the legs and small black marking now and there. Naruto reached his hand out and rest it to its side. The pup whimpered and tried to get away but it didn't have enough power.

"Poor thing. Where is your mother?"

"Naruto leave it. It can be trap"  

"How do you know that? And why would someone use this kinda animal as a trap. All the animals I have seen has been in good health"

"Still Naruto, leave it. It should better to kill it"


"Cant you see its weak and thin. It will die soon anyway"

"And I thought you have warm heart" Naruto mumbled.

"Thanks a lot"

"You are welcome"

Naruto stroked the pups head lightly and then rubbed behind its ear, making it murr lightly. He smiled and picket the pup up. It looked to Naruto with sad and lonely eyes, whining little.

"You must be hungry, am I right?" As a respond there was louder whine. "Hehe, wait minute and I get you something easy to eat"


"Sakura, I-I cant leave it here. Look at it"

Naruto hold the pup under its front legs and jerked it close Sakura's face. She look the pup for while soon giving up because the puppy dog eyes that it gave her also. With loud sigh Sakura nod to Naruto once again.

"Fine but remember that I'm not in responsible if Kakashi-sensei asks about it"


As Sakura looked to Naruto, she saw that he was hugging the pup gently to not harm it and smiling like small kid. She placed her hand on her forehead and chuckled little to them.

"Good grief. This is like giving a pet to kid"


"Never mind. Shall we head to the others?"

"Okay but is okay to carry this little one? It seems so weak"

"Why you ask me?"

"Hu, ummm, it was just question, thats all"

"Do what you want"

"Thanks, Sakura-chan"

Naruto smiled happily and petted the pup's head and rub behind its ear again, as respond the pup murred but soon it was interrupted by loud growl at its belly. Naruto chuckled to it little. The chuckle didn't last long as he feel one of his clones memories. It had had been displayed by one Sound ninja. The smile faded and he look to the direction where the clone had gone. Pup in his arms look at his face and see that he wasn't happy anymore. Small whine came out of it and it nuzzles Naruto's cheek, taking his attention back itself.

"Ah, sorry about that.... I need name to you but witch one are you? Boy or girl?" with that he flip the pup upside down making it whine surprised "Girl. No wonder you are so small. And now name, hmmm, what about Ha Ki? Sounds good to me but not sure at you"

"I like Ha Ki " Sakura said.

"Heh, same but do you like?" the pup only whined "Meh, I call you Ha Ki" Naruto turned to look Sakura "I found one Sou..."

Soon memories at other clones rushed in his mind thought this time non of them had destroyed witch was good.

"You find what?"

"One Sound ninja. Its near lake that we passed about hour ago. It seems we have gone crossed ways"

"Dammit. This isn't good. Lets inform Kakashi-sensei" Sakura look to Naruto who nod and hold Ha Ki in his arm and they walked to the others.

"Sorry girl but I cant give you food yet. Just wait little bit more time"

"Cant you make clone and live it and Ha Ki to here?" Sakura asked.

Naruto shook his head "No, if I make clone it means that my chakra is lower than normally as long clone is up"

"Seems that is the side effect of it"

"Mmm, but its more handy than normal clone. One side effect isn't bad as many of them"

"True. Kakashi-sensei!"

Kakashi and others looked to them. They eyed the pup but didn't for both them surprise ask anything about it. Sakura told them quickly that Naruto's clones had only found one Sound ninja at near lake. Kakashi asked at Naruto do he remember anything ells and he said that it seem to be just one of them but he wasn't sure because the clone had been displayed rather fast, so it could be that there was more of them. Kakashi nod and then eyed the pup again.

"And what is this?"

"Ah, this is Ha Ki. I found her at there" he raise his thump over his shoulder and pointed the place where he had found her.

"Why did you took her? It can be a trap"

"Like Sakura-chan haven't told it to me yet, Kakashi-sensei" Naruto muttered.

"Naruto, you do know that everything that is in here can be trap and.."

"Yes, I do know. Do you think I'm small kid, I have check that she isn't trap or anything. Sakura-chan can confirm that, right?"

Sakura nod "It's true Kakashi-sensei and right now this wolf is not the biggest issue. Remember the Sound ninja?"

The only eye that was visible on Kakashi's face narrowed little at Sakura's reply. He didn't have forget it.

'I cant believe that they are grown up so much at past months. Most likely things are getting difficult to all of us if they keep up this' Kakashi think as the two teens glared him.

"Okay, okay. Back to the main issue. It seems that it or them are heading to the village but it cant be sure yet. Let go where Naruto's clone was destroyed and try figure out what they are planing"

"Kakashi-senpai can I suggest something?"

"Sure, Yamato"

"Would it be better if we split up in two teams. The other half goes check the place and other one goes back to the village"

"Hmm, sounds good but in each team there has to be clone in it"

"Why?" Kankuro asked.

"As the clone displayed itself or is destroyed the other team where the real one is knows and it is able to come help other one"

"Sound like a plan to me" Temari grinned.

"So have we decided then?"



Naruto and the others look down to Ha Ki and soon chuckled. Her tail was wagging fast and she look each one around her but mostly her eyes look to Naruto.

"Well it seems that someone ells is also ready to battle" Kakashi said after while with invisible smile under his mask.

"Yeah" Naruto pet her head softly.

'They are nice to me and I will soon have food. I want to be with them always'

Naruto blinked and look around confused. His eyes drifted to Sakura and Temari because he was sure that the voice had been female one. Girls seemed not notice his staring. As they started to talk witch team they are going Naruto release that it was neither one of them. Ha Ki moved little and Naruto look to her and it look back with also confused eyes. With instant it hit him, had Ha Ki just talked telepathy to him even by accident or purpose he didn't know but it was odd. Kiba did understand Akamaru but even he could not hear Akamaru's toughs. Naruto softly pick Ha Ki up front of his face feeling lightly awkward what he going to do next.

'Here goes nothing' He take deep breath and look into pups eyes Hello little one. I'm Uzumaki Naruto but just call me Naruto'

Ha Ki tilt her head and look at him 'I am Ha Ki but you know that already because you gave that name to me'


"Naruto is something wrong?" Yamato look to him.

"Ah-hah-haa, no, nothing" Naruto replied fast.


Naruto was about to talk more to Ha Ki but then Kakashi came to him and Naruto really didn't like the emotion that his eye was showing.

"Naruto it would be best to leave her here and let the nature do its work. Its wolf not dog"

"I know that but... I like her and she likes me. I cant leave it here"

"Naruto.." Kakashi was interrupted by small growl. Ha Ki's neck fur was up and fangs flashing pure white "Wow, easy. Fine then but if Hokage-sama says to get rid of it even I cant say against her at it and I wont cover you up"

"Fine, fine. That Obaa-chan doesn't decide do I keep her or not "

The Jonin sighed but had one of those weird smirks on his face witch gave Naruto chills across spine. Ha Ki had stopped growling and settled back comfortably in Naruto's arms. Kakashi reached his hand out and pet her head for short while.

"Okay, now I tell you what we others have planned when you where again spacing out"

"Heh, sorry" Naruto smiled awkwardly.

"You and I are only one's who can make Kage Bunshin's, that last long enough, so in each team there is one of us but of course the real you will carry that pup"

"Ah. How about Yamato and others are splitting?"

"Team one; Me; real one, your clone, Temari and Kankuro. In team two there is Yamato, you, Sakura and Sai plus my clone. Any questions?"

"Nope. Will we head out right away?"

Kakashi stared Naruto dumbfounded for several minutes making the blond feel awkward again as the others silently giggled behind the Jonin, expect Sai who was again trying to catch the joke by tilting his head to side to side. As the team leader didn't move for while Naruto started to shake  his hand fort of his face, witch make  the others trying to hold an a laugh.

So he has paralyzed, eh?'

'Kyuubi?!? ....... Well seems so. What I can do now?'

'Punch him...'

'I cant punch him!'

'What ever. Its not my problem'

You said that you want action, didn't you? Or so I thought'

'….......Dammit it boy! You know me pretty well'
Kyuubi smirked 'How do you wake him then?'

Heh, well let me show you. Can you give me some of you chakra?'

'What for boy?'

'Or just chance my eye color to yours. That should make him jump to the tree behind him'

'I like the idea'
Kyuubi's smirk grow wider.

Naruto closed his eyes and waited. Ha Ki and the others had confused look over their face. Kakashi in other hand didn't react at all. As Naruto opened his eyes they where those eyes that Kakashi and others didn't really want to see. Kakashi jerked and tensed as his eyes narrowed, his hand was going inside his pouch. Everyone ells also tensed at his movements and Yamato was making several hand signs. Naruto's eyes turned to him and he smirked.

"Yamato-taicho, there is no need to do that. Have you forgot that I have tamed Kyuubi already?"

"Naruto you should not scare us like that" the jonin sighed.

"But I thought that catching that Sound ninja was more important" then Naruto jerked his thump towards Kakashi "He just seemed to be paralyze just thinking of fighting against one"

Sakura and Temari started to giggle again and as Kakashi look them they covered their mouths with hands still giggling. Naruto's eyes turned back normal as he look back to Kakashi but same time the jonin pointed kunai towards his face.

"Jeez, take that kunai away from my face. What is your problem?"

"Don't do that, its creepy"

"Fine can we now go and catch that Sound ninja. He or they can be closer to village by now, all thanks to your spacing out, Kakashi-sensei"

Kakashi muttered something in his mask looking around to the others, finding their puzzled but irritated face's. He sighed and soon nod and waved his hand. The others moved to their groups as same time Naruto and Kakashi made Kage Bunshin's to each team. With smooth hand signal everyone run to the direction where they where suppose to go. Yamato's team to lake and Kakashi's team towards village, cutting the Sound ninjas path.


Several minutes passed by on the silent field, only wind and animals make noise. Then suddenly creature walked  outside the woods making everything go silent. Birds and bugs fleet rather fast. The creature had blue eyes as ocean, the black fur shined lightly blue as sun hit in it.  It walked where Ha Ki had been, eyes full of sadness. Only one sniff had told it that pup was weak and lost, it didn't have parents anymore and that it would die soon if no one would take care of it. Then it smelled Naruto's tracks. Again it knew what had happen on the field. It didn't care Kakashi's or Sakura's smell nor did it at others in team. Only Naruto and Ha Ki where those interested it mostly. Trotting to woods it followed their sent, soon disappearing in there. Birds and bugs as long the noise of them came back, like nothing had happen.


Still not far away from the field Yamato's team was heading to the lake with good speed. Naruto had picked Ha Ki in his arms. As they get near the lake, Yamato raised his hand making everyone stop. Kakashi's clone did as Yamato wanted because he was the one how lead this group, mostly because clone can disappear at one blow.

"Okay, listen carefully. Naruto and Sakura you go other direction than me and Kakashi-san's clone. Sai you make one of those ink eagles of yours and fly above lake, see if saw them in some island  or running across it. We meet at the other side of the lake. At this way we know if they are somewhere near lake  or gone in the woods. This way we close one possibility where they are"

Everyone nod. They stood up and as Yamato gave signal they moved. Naruto and Sakura turned to left as Yamato and Kakashi to right, Sai was above them and fly straight onward. Sakura look to Naruto and Ha Ki smiling as they run.

"Ha Ki looks happier already"

"Huh? Oh, yeah she does" Ha Ki gave small bark making the teens laugh.

It was only thing they said until they met Yamato and Kakashi. They had to wait Sai for at least 10  minutes before he landed. He had look every island without seeing anyone. Yamato then decided that they have to move towards village because it is closest town at the lake. Sai fly back to sky going faster than others so that he could see where the Sound ninjas where. Naruto and others mean while keep running after him, not too close but not too far that they couldn't see him.


Back at lake the black creature had arrived to there where Naruto and Yamato had gone different directions. It followed Naruto's sent, not smelling Ha Ki anymore but still having small hint of it.

'He has picked her up. Weak pup would slow them down, for sure if he didn't so it'

They creature was confused why it wanted to follow these two. The sent was so powerful and interesting. All it cared now was to see these two, not only smell. It trotted to sent path that Naruto had leaved to the other side of the lake. It didn't like at the smell of ink, it make the creature feel slightly sick. It shake itself and returned to the path that smelled right. Soon trotting to the woods and disappearing to the shadows.


Kakashi's team in this while was half away to the village. Speed was good and Kakashi as the others where happy that no Sound ninjas where there, at least for now. After some time they saw Sai flying near them, at the right side.

"It seem that the Sound ninjas aren't at the lake anymore" Temari said and Kakashi nod.

"We cant go to them. We have to be sure that there is nothing here. We will meet at the gates as we ag...." Kakashi was interrupted by shurikens that fly towards him.

He dodged them easy but they hit to Naruto. With buff of smoke he disappeared. As Kakashi look back there where the shurikens had come he saw three Sound ninjas but was surprised that how they look. All tree look tired, dark rings under the eyes told that they haven't have sleep much lately.  By the clothings shape he could tell that they have been traveling for long as faces also, they where bony.

"You three don't seem to feel well. How long have you keep going like this?"

"What has that anything do with you?" The middle one said.

"To be honest even thought you are at Sound, seeing fellow shinobi in that kinda state makes feel bad"

"Like you Konoha people would care at us. Now that Orochimaru-sama is dead we are free. Or so we thought, now that Uchiha brat tries to lead us"

"Uchiha? Do you mean Uchiha Sasuke?"

"Who ells? Jeez that kid is brainwashed by masked guy at Akatsuki. We have been running away from them last week or more"

"This isn't good. Knowing that Madara haves more people on his side then just Akatsuki members. We have to report Hokage right away. Temari, Kankuro!"

"Hai, Kakashi"

"You two head to Sand village and tell Kazekage. This far more important than the mission"

"Hai, right away"

The two Sand ninjas leaved right away. Kakashi look the Sound ninjas at his one visible eye. All three feel right away awkward and tense. The jonin wasn't  sure should he take them to village when Naruto and others come or not.

"This is only a suggestion but would like to come to the village and tell Hokage-sama that what you told me and maybe more?"

The Sound ninjas tensed more. They knew Tsunade, one of the legendary sannin's. Orochimaru had told things about the other sannin's to them. Tsunade was know at medical skills and also at the power she hold. They knew that the meeting would be pleasant at either side but after while of discussion they decided that it would be better option than running in woods.

"Very well. We agree to come and see Hokage but you do know that it wont be pleasant meeting?"

"I know. There no need to worry at that she will throw you to wall, after I tell her what you told me. Hmm, we have to wait my other team members to come here before we can go"

At that all three sighed at relief when they heard that Hokage wont throw them across room like dolls. It take time that Yamato and others came. They where surprised at the Sound ninjas that just be there and wait and more when Kakashi had told them what he had heard before. All agreed to travel back to village but walking because the Sound ninjas where too tired to keep up with them other wise.


The creature had catch Naruto and others when they where half away to the village. It followed them near to village. It haven't been this close humans sense how long? Many generations maybe. It was confused to see such huge city, where it has last time small village but never less it was happy to see who the two where. It eyes glowed faintly at long some marks around its body as it look Naruto and Ha Ki.

'Take good care of her young one and may the five spirits look after you two'

I really havent updated this story sense summer. Really, I had this one writed half away before final exams and only this week find time to write to end and today reread it before submiting.

Sorry people, didnt mean to keep you on waiting so long but life is what it is.

I hope you like it as much I like writing it. Also see that it does have humor still, black humor also, =p näh just kidding.

>-< Reminds me that I havent still done those refsheets..

Part One --> [link]

Part Seven --> [link]

Naruto&others by: Kishimoto
Ha Ki and story by::iconkyubifan:
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