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Naruto narrowed his eyes and looked to Sakura who didn't seem to notice this yet. She then looked to him confused.

"Naruto, whats wrong?"


"Are you sure?"


"If I hurt your feelings at what I said, say it to me okay. I can handle that"

Naruto sighed. He did knew that but the thing was that he didn't want to get mad to her, specially now that they had mission to taken care of. It only would make everything complicated to everyone. He then looked to Sakura and smiled thought his smile soon turned to smirk. His arm curled around her shoulders and pulled her close to his side.

"Hehe, gotcha"



Sakura huffed and turned her head away from him cheeks all red. Naruto in other hand was on the floor rubbing his head at the spot she had hit him. This time he decided to revenge the punch that he had got at his fellow team mate. Fast he graped at her ankle and pulled down the floor. She didn't get even chance to scream at surprise, his hand was already covering her mouth. Sakura looked into his eyes hoping to find answer to this but his eyes didn't tell anything to her, thought as always they where mysterious and beautiful. She then tried to use her hands and legs but find out that he was holding her hands top of her head at his free hand he was sitting on her. So she could only use her legs but it was no use. She could not pull him away from her.

"Still trying to get away? Sorry, no use Sakura-chan, you still own my kiss"

Sakura blinked and then shake her head. To this Naruto only smirked and hold her still. As he was sure she would not scream anymore he take his hand of her mouth and looked into her eyes.

"NARUTO! Let me go right now"

"Sheehs, what a loud voice you have there but no until you give me kiss"

"I did give you"

"On to cheek not to lips"

"You never asked to the lips"



"Hey, that hurts"

"Well I will say sorry if you let me fr.."

Sakura was cut by pair of lips pressed against hers. She blinked but soon relaxed and let him kiss her. She even returned to it. As soon it had started it also ended. He parted the lips and let go of her, moving also of on her. Sakura looked to him lightly confused and half sat back up. He had sat next to her legs same time as she had come up. Naruto's eyes met Sakura's thought he soon look away from her leaving her uneasy.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it"

"Naruto, its okay"

"No its not. I have steal your first kiss that you had saved to Sasuke"

Sakura looked down. He was right but also wrong. She closed her eyes and think the time when Sasuke had been part of Konoha's shinobi's. He had never rescued her or showed even little interest towards her, only revenge was in his mind. Well he had always been like that but the thing was that she did not anymore had feeling towards the missing ninja thought he was still dear to her, like a brother she never have in her life. Sakura opened her eyes and looked the blond next to her. He hold his head in his hands and looked depressed.

"I'm so sorry Sakura-chan. I could not help myself"


Her voice was only a whisper. She placed her hand on his shoulder gently making the blond to look her. His eyes had lose they brightness, this made Sakura pull him into hug. This time was Naruto's cheeks turn to go red thought he was confused at sudden hug at her. She didn't do this like things to him normally. If he remember right  she had hugged her only once before and that was when Pain, no Nagato had defeated.

"Umm, Sakura-chan?"


"I don't want to ruin this good moment but what time it is?"

"Its in 15 minutes 10 am......"

"Oh, okay......."


They both yelled in unison and get up. Naruto graped at his bag and hurried to the door Sakura not so far away from him. As she saw him locking the door.

"What are you doing? We are in hurry and you are locking the door"

"I know but I know that if we jump at roof to roof we are there just in time. I just had lock the door before that"

"Oh, yeah. I have to say but I never thought that you would think anything that fast"

"Aww, man. Give me some credit"

"Fine, you are good kisser. Satisfied?"

Naruto's cheeks turned red again, nodding he agreed to her comment. He graped at her hand and lead to throw his bedroom to outside. Naruto then let go of her hand. He pointed the wall around Konoha.

"If we go that way we soon come to the route that leads to the gate thought I suggest that we go roof jumping way. It is the fastest and we don't have much time"

"You are right. Let's go, Naruto"

Naruto nod to Sakura smiling. He then jumped to rooftop right front of his own house. Soon as he landed he ranned to end of the roof and jumped next one, Sakura not far away from him. In couple of minutes they reached to the road that they where suppose to use but Naruto turned where the  gates was. He turned to Sakura and showed that it would take five minutes to get there. She looked the clock and nodded. They would there in time.


In mean time at the gates Kakashi, Yamato, Sai, Kankuro and Temari had just met. As Kakashi told them the main idea how they are going to handle the Sound ninjas Naruto and Sakura landed near them, panting lightly. All five looked to them.

"Sorry that we are late.."

"Naruto we aren't late yet"

"Oh thats good to know. Well then.. We are here"

"Well thats good but you missed the plan and I'm not going to repeat myself to you two"

"Kakashi-senpai, I can do that"

"Thank you Yamato. Next time come little bit earlier"


"Thought it was Sakura-chan's fault" Naruto muttered.

"What did you say?"


Sakura glared the blond next to her. She would punch him if he would say anything more. Her glare and toughs seemed to reach Naruto because he soon shivered and look to Sakura seeing her death glare. It was enough to him. As soon they had heard to main idea at Yamato the team decided to head out. Before heading out Naruto moved next to Sakura thought so that nobody ells would notice and whispered to her.

"Don't worry. I wont say a word what happened half an hour ago on this mission"



She then nodded as thanks to him. He smiled to her and walk back to rest of team. Sakura was happy that he understand her feelings and toughs. In the years Naruto had come to her best friend. If she think it closely, Naruto was closer to her than even Ino was.

"Sakura are you ready?"

"Hai, Kakashi-sensei"

"Good. Lets set of then"

"Witch way we are heading by the way" Kankuro asked.

"Ah, yes good question. To be honest this time I take suggestions how to start"

Everyone looked to Kakashi. It was rare that he took suggestion how start mission or to handle it. Soon thought everyone think about it.

"How about we first go there where Kiba and his team was attacked?" Naruto asked.

Kakashi nodded to him "Not a bad idea at all"

"The only problem is that I don't know where they was attacked. I didn't ask it back then"

"Doesn't matter. Its in the mission scroll"

"Ah, thats good"

Kakashi then took the mission scroll of his pouch and quickly read it. He then put it back in his pouch and sighed.

"Its not in there"

"How that can be? Never such important information is took away" Yamato asked.

"I don't know. It can be because Kiba and rest of the group are still in hospital"

"Kakashi-sensei, if you want I can send clone to ask Kiba" Naruto suggest.

"Thank you, Naruto. Now lets set of and walk so long that Naruto's clone knows the location"

"But if the clone knows to location, how the real Naruto will know it?" Temari was lightly confused.

"As the clone displaced itself I will know what the it have done and talked. So as short; I get its memories"

"Oh, well thats good thing and handy also"

Naruto chuckled and made the hand sign. Soon a clone appeared by cloud of smoke and without words it ran to hospital's direction. As soon it had disappeared at the sight Kakashi waved his hand as signal to leave. Kankuro then look to Naruto.

"When did you get so smart? Ah, now when did you get brains? Or did you steal them somebody?"

"What did you say?! I'm going to blow your head of! Come back here"

The Sand ninja ran as also laughed to Leaf ninja not far behind him. Everyone behind then chuckled, Sai didn't get the joke he decided to stay emotionless.


At that time the clone Naruto had come front of the hospital. He greeted the nurse at information desk and asked was the Kiba's team still in the hospital, he received an affirmative answer. Even the room was same as last time. As he get front of the door he halted as load groan came at the room. In second he entered to the room soon seeing that Kiba was getting some kind treatment. He let small sigh of relief.

"Naruto what are you doing here?" Hinata asked.

"Oh, yeah. We need to know where was you attacked couple of days ago"

"Well Kakashi-sensei will know the place better by its old name, at the border of Konoha and the former Whirlpool country"


"You didn't pay attention at the history lessons in Academy?"

"I slept most of them"

Hinata sighed. It wasn't surprise but still she had thought that he had payed some kinda attention back in the Academy years but seemed that he didn't.

"I'm sorry Hinata but it wasn't so interesting so I fall sleep fast"

"Well it can be helped"

"Thanks still. I have get information to Kakashi-sensei soon"

The clone displaced itself and disappeared in smoke. As soon the smoke cleared Kiba come back at the door in different side of the room. He rubbed his back feeling it soar, groaning he fall in the bed soon turning his head towards his team mate and looking to her.

"Was Naruto here?"

"Yes. He asked where we where attacked"

"And you tell him?"

"Yes, I did. Why? He and the rest of the team are tracking those Sound ninjas"

"Nothing and that explain why he used clone"

"You know it was clone?"

"I could hear that it displaced itself"

"Ah, yes of course"

Hinata looked back to newspaper continuing where she was before. Kiba put his head back down groaning at the pain that the motion caused.


"Konoha's and Whirlpool country's former border?"

"What did you say Naruto?"

"The attacking place was at the former border of Whirlpool and Konoha"

"Why would Sound ninjas be in former Whirlpool country?" Yamato asked at Kakashi.

"There must be something that we don't know about. We have to hurry it can be that there is something that even Konoha don't know. Whirlpool had it own secrets that it didn't share even with Konoha."

Everyone nodded and soon they was at full speed to the former border. Nobody talked not even single word. Seemed that everyone was in their own toughs. Naruto had strange feeling inside him. It wasn't the feeling that always came when battle was near nor it was the feeling that he could be close to Sakura. It was same type when he transformed to Kyuubi's four tailed mode but still not still complied same. He didn't feel anger. He felt calm. It made his mind peaceful and he was ready to take any opponent that came front of him.

Well what we have here.? You have finally learned to control at your emotions and close them aside'

'Shut up Kyuubi. I don't have to hear that from you'

'Ah, but I think you do'

'You are making me angry again to you'

'Really? And how are you then still feeling so calm?'

Naruto almost fall at the tree branch at the Kyuubi's question. It was true. How did he fell still so calm and peaceful? It was strange. Even Kyuubi's teasing didn't make him angry. Could it be because his blood. Kushina had came at Whirlpool, he remember that well. Then it hit him. He was going home. Not literately but still Whirlpool was part of him as he was part of it. Even thought it was destroyed many years before it was still his home land, at mothers side. A smile came on his lips as he release that. Sakura notice this but could only guess what he was thinking.

'She is looking you kid'

'Huh? Who?'

'The pink haired one. Who ells'


Naruto turned his head to look Sakura, thought first he wanted to know did she still look him at the corner of his eye. She blinked and then looks back front of her making the blond chuckle. Her cheek were lightly pink.

"Okay people. If it is okay to everyone lets take break before we come to the border. We have more strength when we have rested" Kakashi looked to them over his shoulder.

"I agree with you Kakashi" Temari said and all the others nodded.

"Good. When we come to next open place we rest"


It didn't take long to find open place. They landed down and panted lightly. As Naruto looked around himself, he noticed that the place was perfectly rectangle. It must have used as field to product different types of food. Then something catch his eye in the woods not far away from their resting place. He got curios, really curios. He walked closer and  narrowed his eyes to see what there was. He was stunned to see ruins.

"Naruto come back! We are heading soon of"

"Hai, Kakashi-sensei"

When Naruto turned to leave back to the others again something catch his eye. Thought this time it wasn't something that make him curios. The tree next to him. There was something odd around it. He could not get what until his eye met scratch, larger one to be honest. As he looked it closer up he knew that to make it you had to be strong and have something sharp with you. Shuriken was out of count at that point, kunai was too small to do that.

'If the battle was here was re the other marks?'

Naruto's eyes automatically looks back too the field behind him. Soon his eyes recognize battle markings all over the place. He sighed at relief first but then was aver that the Sound ninjas could be there still. Quickly he made ten clones behind tree, making them scout next five kilometers away from the field.

"Naruto come on! We are going now"

"I don't think its a good idea before my clones have displaced themselves"

"What are you talking about?"

"See that marking up there in one of the nearest tree?"

"Yes...." Sai muttered.

"That marking is Kiba's?" Sakura asked.

"Yes. I remember that when Kiba uses his technique the trees had same type of markings"

"Honestly Naruto when did you get brains?"

"To tell you truth I don't know, Kankuro"

"Well good that you do because we could have missed this battle field with out you"

"Its nothing" Naruto smirked.

'You could always say it was me?'</b> Kyuubi suggest.

'Hell no. What would they to me if they knew that?'

'I don't know but don't you control my power right now. Heh and I'm peaceful as lamb'

'You are not and I don't have mastered using your power yet completely'

'You are right but at least you try'

'Yeah, that is right'

"Naruto are you coming?"

The sudden voice next to his ear and hand placed on his shoulder made him jump and looks the person.

"Sakura-chan don't scare me like that"

"Sorry but you was spacing out and I did wonder are you okay"

"Yeah, I am. I just talked with Kyuubi"


"We have talked lot past few days. He have give me good advices"

"Oh but are you sure you can trust him?"

"I cant lie to this boy. It could be end of me"

Sakura stared Naruto, whose eyes had turned to red and pupil was like cats. She step away from him but soon hand hold her where she was. Kyuubi look to her for long time but soon it sighed and muttered.

"You wont believe me, yet. You are in charge again boy"

As he opened his eyes again and looked to her. She started to breath again at relief. The eyes where again those blue eyes she liked really much. Naruto looked troubled and angry because of the Kyuubi but what happened, happened that all. He then let go of Sakura's hand.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know Kyuubi could do that"

"Its okay but I hope he don't do it again"

"So do I, well at least without permission"

"We have to go before they start to wonder we are"

"You are right"

As Naruto and Sakura walked tot he others small and green creature looked them. It was thin and weak. It could not defend itself if the humans wanted to kill it. All what interested at it in the humans was that maybe it could get food at them but the hunger that have lasted many days had made it too weak to walk anymore. Small whine escaped as it fall down. This make Naruto stop on his tracks and looks behind him.
So yeah I did say last time that they are geting longer and longer and its true =P Only thing that stop me here was that now the first one of three wolves that entered in the first chapter are coming.

No start with the title! I didnt get anything ells :P Lame but oh well my brains dont work because of the heat. Even thought it is night.

Well i dont have nothing ells to say so happy reading :D

Part One --> [link]

Part Six --> [link]

Naruto&others by Masahi Kishimoto
Green wolf by Me
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