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It had been while that Darkest Dungeon had entered to the large chamber. The chamber was under Hokage building. The only way to there was on the wall top of third Hokage's head. It did take time to get in there but it was the only chamber that was large enough to have four or maximize ten wolves. Also the very last reason was that human could stand there and live there some time. The tunnel that she had used was also big enough to human use. Darkest Dungeon smiled. She haven't been that room sens she was pup and under training, her Master had Uzumaki Kushina. She looked around herself to see familiar items around the chamber. Everything was under small sand dust but that didn't bother her at all. She picket up wooden kunai and throw it through wooden doll, this make both shatter to pieces. She chuckled softly soon bursting to big laugh.

"Ahaahhaaa! I guess I'm stronger than then"

Darkest Dungeon shake her head and some memories came into her mind. She did remember how she and the other three was picket to be Guardians of the Konoha chambers and how they used to practice here all night long before Kushina came and hit hard, knocking them out of cold. It was only way to make all four small trainees to sleep and rest. She giggled to the memories.

"What is so funny, sis?"

Darkest Dungeon looked to the entrance and smiled to Sharing. The younger female temped to call her sister even thought they weren't blood relatives.

"Oh, nothing special. Just thinking the time when Kushina-sensei trained all of us here"

"Yeah, that was peaceful time. Thought it soon stopped when third Ninja war started and Kyuubi attacked"

"You are right but I think that peaceful time will come back, some day"

"Heh, dam right"

Sharing smirked. Then looked the where she had come. Darkest Dungeon also looked there. Soon they both picked up two voices chatting and laughing. Not long after that blue and red  dogs entered and still chatted.

"Burning Forest and Blue Dream...." Darkest Dungeon sighed.


Both males looked to her having question mark on their face. Soon thought finding themselves at the floor huge bumps on their heads. Also they were out of cold for next ten minutes, tongues hanging out of the mouths. The waking up wasn't nice either. Sharing gave them cold shower, only because the leader of the group had ordered it.

"What? Where? When?!?!?"

If Darkest Dungeon could, she would face palm right now. Those two were pain in her bottom, always. She looked the two confused males. Those two didn't seem to release what had hit them. All what they do was look around thinking that someone was attacking.

"Oh stop it you two. It was me"

"But why???"

Blue Dream whined. He had always been whining type thought when he was serious he didn't, witch was odd or so would someone think but not Darkest Dungeon. She had grow with all three of them.

"Stop whining!"


"Blue Dream, you are so lame. Why don't stand up at her like I do"

Burning Forest other hand was opposite to Blue Dream. He had more energy than anyone ells and never was bored but it might be because he was the youngest one of all four. Sharing was second youngest. There for she didn't have same type energy that Burning Forest. She liked to read and study as he needed more physical activity, what wasn't surprise.

"But I don't same guts as you do, Burn"

"Oh come on. You don't know if you don't try, Blue"

"Can you stop fighting, please?" Sharing said sighing.

"Or do I have to knock you down again?"

Darkest Dungeon looked to Burning Forest and Blue Dream. The males looked down shamed little and soon nod.

"Can I ask something before we start"

"Sure, what it is?"

"Can we, dam, use our nicknames? I'm sick those full names"

Dark laughed to Burns question. She did expect some like that coming soon or later out of his mouth.

"Fine, Burn, fine. We can"

"Thanks Dark"

"Now all you three just lay down and take comfortable position and listen me okay?"


"No sleeping, Burn"


Blue and Sharing laughed to young male's grunt. He was know also heavy sleeper. He could fall sleep everywhere and anytime. Also he was hard to wake up.

"To be honest, Burn, I don't think that you want to miss what I'm going tell you so keep your ears open, okay?"


Dark smiled. Then she looked all three of them. She did think where to start. After while she decided to start at when Naruto had watched to between the buildings where she had been hiding. Thought when she looked back to her friends she find them all sleeping. First she was angry but  soon after that she decided to not wake them up. They all had earned the rest they where now taking. Not long Dark yawned also. She looked the clock that was behind her. It showed midnight.

'Maybe it's better if we sleep now. I can tell them tomorrow, besides......'

When she looked back to them, seeing them sleeping peacefully, she did find herself smiling softly and chuckled. She was kind and soft heart under the hard and cold core.

'They need the rest. It's been long when we had good night rest, without problems and worries. I just wish Kushina-sensei would be here'

Dark sighed. She didn't know did Naruto know that who his mother and father were but if he did that would be less shock to him when she have to go and take him to this room. Also she had to help him to tame Kyuubi if he haven't done it already, that was possible. Thought she doubted that. Somehow she could tell that Kyuubi was already tamed but she wasn't sure did know his parents.


Dark almost her head to the floor. Her mind had gone blurry and she had think the same thing twice, only different ways and almost also fell sleep. She let out long and wide yawn, deciding to sleep also. She lay her head down and closed her heavy eyes, soon falling sleep.


In mean time Naruto had make his way back to home. The shopkeepers wife had give him way too much food. Naruto groaned. All the food he had would get spoiled before he could eat it all, thought he ate lot but  not so much as he had get food. Naruto sighed and rubbed back of his head thinking what he is going to all the food. After while he shrugged and  put all the food to their right places. Then he looked to the clock, it showed midnight.

"Aww, dammit! I didn't release how much time was. Did I use that much time when I was there!?"

He growled loud but then remember that he had some evening snack at there also. Witch had been delicious. Once again he shrugged and rubbed back of his head. Wandering to his bedroom he undressed and go to bed, yawning. His eyes where heavy and soon he was in deep sleep snoring lightly.

As the alarm clock ringed at 6 am at the next morning Naruto slammed it hard almost breaking it. He yawned and looked around all sleepy. He rubbed his eyes and then drop back to his back snoring, thought then another alarm clock started to ring. This time it was in the kitchen so Naruto had to get up. As he walked to the kitchen, yawning and rubbing his lower back, he looked outside seeing that the sun was up already. He haven't been morning person ever but sometimes when he woke up early he was full of energy and not even bit of sleepy. Like yesterday but today he was like any other day. Naruto yawned on the way to the bathroom. He had to take shower before going to Tsunade-Obaachan because Team Kakashi was getting new mission today, so he didn't want be late as he usually was.

"I wonder what kinda mission it will be. I hope it's faster than last time because I really need more vacation. That Obaachan is using our team really much"

'I agree with you boy. For the first time I'm getting bored every time we go to mission'</b>

"Really? I didn't know that. I have to say at this to her, thought I doubt that she likes what I have to say"

They both chuckled and then Naruto headed to shower. After 30 minutes he get out at the steamy room. He liked hot showers more than cold. Somehow it wake him up easier than cold one. Witch was weird but he didn't care. After he was dry, he dressed up to his typical outfit thought after looking the temperature meter he decided to put his jacket in to bag with the other supplicates that he thought he needed at the mission. Naruto then looked the clock seeing that it showed little pit past 7 am. He still had much time to eat. He make light breakfast. Oranges, some berries and milk with one slice of bread. He looked around his apartment and saw that there was book on his living room table. He get up and walked to there. As soon he pick the book he did notice that it was familiar.


Naruto flipped the book so that he could see the backside and read what it says. When he had read the backside he remember where he had read it. It was at some point of he Academy years. He did not remember why he had read it and also did not remember what happened in it.

"Well I think that I will take it with me. I want to know what make me read it when I was young"

Naruto put the book to his pouch and headed to the door picking his bag on the way there. He opened the door but before closing it he looked around thinking does he have everything. As he then admit that he had everything he closed and clocked the door. After Naruto get to the main street and looked around he release that only some of the shops were open that time of morning. I didn't matter thought.  Naruto headed to Hokage mansion. As he get to front of the mansion he release how clever he had been when he haven't put the jacket on. Even thought it was early morning, the air was hot already and he was sweating little. Naruto did know that soon there would be lot's of rain or pretty good storm.

So perfect. This mission can be longer than it should be, because if we have thunder storm, and big one also, it can make us wait for couple days. Dam, I just hate this kinda weather'

Naruto then sighed. He know that the weather was something that can't be chanced. He then entered to the mansion and walked to the mission order room. When he arrived he soon notice that he was first one at there. Quick look to the clock told him that it was 7:45 am. No wonder that no one was there yet. All the orders are given at 8 am to 10 pm. This didn't include special missions, like dealing with Sound ninja's or Akatsuki. Also ANBU had their own orders. After ten minutes waiting Naruto hear foot steps.

"Naruto, why are here so early?"

"Heh, it seems that I came here too early"

"How in earth that is possible? You are always late"

Naruto laughed to Sakura. He did know that better than everyone ells, it really was rare that he was on time and very rare that he was the first one at there. To be honest this was the first time Naruto was on time and first one at there. Sakura could not believe it and then hit him at head.

"Ow! What was that for?!?"

"Oh, sorry. I thought you where Kagebunshin"

"No I'm not. You could have asked that"

"You would have answered like you just did"

"No, I would not. I never lie to you"

"You don't.. lie to me.."

Sakura was taken back at his words. Light blush soon grow on her cheeks. She didn't really know how to react but then after seeing him rubbing his head at the spot she had hit. She decided to heal it, thought there was nothing to heal. Naruto looked Sakura at the corner of his eye. He couldn't look her better because she was keeping his head steady so that she could heal what ever was there to be healed.

"There you go"

"Thanks Sakura-chan"


It didn't take long that Kakashi, Yamato and Sai came. All of them where surprised to see Naruto on time there and when Sakura told that he had been there before her both Kakashi and Yamato jaw dropped, well not Kakashi's but he was stunned. Sai's face didn't show any emotions as always.

"I really can't believe that Naruto was here first but better later than never"

"Very funny, Kakashi-sensei"

All of then laughed but soon it was cut by Tsunade, who wanted to know why they where laughing so early at the morning. Thought when Naruto spoke up she almost fainted when she did see him on time.

"Naruto how in earth...?"

"Don't hit me, please. Sakura-chan did it already"

"I did say that I was sorry"

"I know, I know. Don't hit again"

Sakura had graped at front of Naruto's shirt but let go, making him drop. He only acted and soon as she turned her back to him, he picket her up like pride. Sakura's cheek's get deeply red, making her hair look pale. Naruto chuckled and put her down.

"So are you to love birds ready to next mission?"

Both of them blushed deeply at Hokage's words and nodded then quickly. Naruto rubbed back his head walking after the other's as Sakura did also, thought she had placed her hands behind her back.

"So what is our mission?" Kakashi asked.

"Your mission is to find those Sound ninja's that attacked to Team Kurenai. Temari and Kankuro are coming with you"

"How are Kiba and others?" Sakura asked worried.

"They are okay. They didn't seem to have bad wounds or anything" Naruto said.

All  in the room looked to Naruto, confused how did he know that. It may have written to their faces because Naruto soon added some extra information.

"What? I found it out that yesterday and did go see them"

"Oh, that makes sense"

Naruto was lightly confused at that but then decided to leave it. He rubbed back of his head, soon thinking that if he keeps rubbing it almost every time when he feels uneasy the hair will fall of and he will be bold. He then shivered at the thought.

"So where are we meeting Temari and Kankuro anyway?" Kakashi asked after Tsunade had handed the papers.

"Ah, yes. You are meeting them at front of the gates at 10 am, sharp"

"That late?"

"Well I did think that you need to buy some food and weapons before you leave but I can see that its not necessary"

Kakashi and the rest of the group blinked several times soon mumbling and nodding, expect Naruto, he had everything what he needed. He listened what the others needed. Kakashi needed some shuriken's and kunai's as Yamato also, two of them soon headed to the weapon shop. Sai said that he needed some empty scrolls, ink and one book soon heading to library because it was the closest place to pick one of those things that he needed. Sakura in other hand seemed to only need some food. Mostly something easy to carry and quick to eat. As she started to walk to market area Naruto tapped her shoulder lightly making her jump little.

"Oh, dear lord with you. Don't scare me like that"

"Sorry, Sakura-chan but I know one place that you can buy food cheaper than anywhere ells"

"Are you serious?"


"Well, fine. I come with you but if you try anything you will wish that you never had done it, okay?"

"Heh, sure thing"

As they walked around the market place, it was hard to walk across it because there was so many people already, Sakura noticed that he was leading her away from at market place. She was confused but didn't ask about it. She trusted Naruto more than everyone know. Soon they arrived to the building where Naruto lived. Now she was even more confused and looked the blond male.

"What are we doing here, Naruto? I did say that if yo-"

"I know what you say, don't worry. It isn't anything like that"

Naruto chuckled nodded towards the stairs. That leaded them to the upper levels of the apartment building. There was only one apartment used in the final level. Sakura know why it was like that years ago but she didn't know that no one didn't moved up there now. Naruto was hero of the village, it would be honor living next to him.

"Umm, Naruto?"

"Yes, Sakura-chan?"

The blond looked to the pink haired female. Sakura looked shy and unsure should ask, whatever she wanted to ask.

"Are you okay?"

"Huh, yes I am"

"Then what you want to ask"

"Well I... I wanted to know why no one is living at this level of the building? I know why no one did years ago but now that you are hero I thought that everyone would like to move here"


He didn't answer to her question right away. He unlocked the door and jerked his head towards inside wanting her go to first. Sakura did as he wanted and did go inside first. Naruto followed behind her closing the door.  

"Sit down where you want"



Naruto walked to the bathroom as Sakura sat down on his sofa. Couple of minutes later he came out and looked to her and she looked to him. Naruto removed his bag, placing it next to sofa and sat down on the other side. Sakura wasn't sure did he want to answer to her question. He in other hand was unsure how to respond to it.

"You don't have to answer it. I just asked"

"Its okay"

"Are you sure"

"I am" Naruto smiled to her "I was just thinking how to respond it"


"Well the main reason is that Obaachan really. She kinda locked this level, like a private place to me. To be honest I think it was good thing because if some of the villager's would live next door it could be pain. All I really want is have good rest after mission, specially long one. I don't need that if someone comes to my door knocking and wanting help at something."

"That makes sense. I have to say that I need that kinda place also. Every time I come home one or more of people who live same building comes to ask different kind help"

"Hmm. Well if you want I can ask if you could move in here"


"Heh, sorry. I mean at this same level as I do"

"Oh. That would be nice but I doubt that Tsunade-sensei would let me live here"

"How come? You are her best student"

"I'm not so good and Shizune-sama"

"That is because she is older"

"Well you can be right"

Naruto chuckled making Sakura also soon chuckle. Then he get up and headed to kitchen and opened fridge.

"So what was it what you needed?"

"Couple of oranges and bananas. Those are easy to eat and carry"


He graped three oranges and two bananas. He put them in small plastic bag and give them to Sakura. She put them in her bag and looked then to Naruto seeing that he was looking the clock. It showed little bit over 9 am, they had still time.

"We have still lot of time"

"Hmm, kinda"

"What do you mean?"

"Well it takes about 20 minutes to walk at here to gate"

"That long?"


"So we have to leave in half an hour"

Naruto nodded and sat back down. At the same time Sakura looked around the apartment soon releasing that it was clean.



"You have cleaned this place"


Dark yawned and stretched. She opened her eyes and looked around the cave seeing that both Burn and Blue where still sleeping. Sharing was up but nowhere to see. Dark get up and stretched and yawned again. She then walked to the small bond and drank long. Stopping when she heard steps. She looked to the entrance and saw Sharing.

"Morning, Sharing"


"Why are you up so early?"

"Well I get weird feeling that Naruto wont be here soon anymore and did go check if I was right"

"What did you find out?"

"He and his team with couple of Sand ninja's are send after Sound ninja's that attacked couple of days earlier"

"Well that means we have good time at planning how we are going to tell him everything"



"But why?"

"He has the right know everything"

"Yes I know that but still I don't get why"

Dark sighed. It wasn't easy to tell it someone like her how everything was important. Before replying to Sharing, Dark did go and waked up Burn and Blue. All of then had to know why. The two males looked to her and then to Sharing that only shrugged, not knowing what Dark wanted.

"Okay first of all you have to know that Naruto is the host of Kyuubi, like his mother was"

"She was?"

"Yes, she was. That should explain her red hair"

"Yeah that makes sense"

At had been Burn that had replayed to Dark hole time. She was getting irritated to his hyper morning mood. Burn then closed his mouth as Dark glared him coldly. Blue and Sharing both kept their mouth's shut because if Dark was in that mood at the morning it would last hole day if they kept babbling.

"So... Where was I?"

"You wanted to tell why it is important to tell Naruto everything" Sharing said.

"Ah, yes, that. Naruto haves right to know everything because he is son of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato"

"The forth Hokage was his father?" Blue asked surprised.

"Yes, he was. I know it's somewhat shock but we don't have time to that. Hopefully Naruto knows this and very lastly he have tamed Kyuubi"
Okay small information to all. The chapter are geting longer and longer. The last ones where about 8 pages long, this one in other hand was almost 10.

I know that the title of this chapter is kinda lame but I really didn't know what ells to put it. Also because I don't have membership I cant do long names, sorry.

And those who don't read manga I'm sorry that there is spoiler, thought now that I think it I should just keep my mouth shut.

I hope you all have happy time at reading it. It take couple of night's to write and I just finish it. about 10 minutes ago. Also please download it or line the text over it's hard to read elswhere.

Part One --> [link]

Part Five --> [link]

Naruto and the rest of the character's@ Masashi Kishimoto
Dogs and story@ me
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