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When Naruto ran with Sakura to the training grounds he could sense something jumping of the tree near Hokage building. He instantly watched there and only he could see was something black leaving at the tree. It did came same direction that he and Sakura.

'What in earth? Oh wait... Ah, now I see its ANBU. Hmph, typical to Obaa-chan'

"Naruto! What are you doing? I thought that we where going to the  training grounds?"

Naruto looked to Sakura. After moment he looked to there where he had seen the ANBU just before. There was no one anymore. He sighed and then looked back to Sakura grinning.

"Sorry Sakura-chan. Shall we then race there?"

"How about we just walk there? What wrestling in Tsunade-sama's office make me kinda out of breath"

"Sure, it did make me also"

"You? You win"

"Only because I hold my powers to that point that you would be weaker"



"Uzumaki Naruto, you are going to pay at what you just did say!"

"Oh shit!"

All the villagers stared at the two young ninjas. This time it wasn't one of those fake arguments. This one was real. Naruto and Sakura stared each other's. Naruto looking scared and Sakura had this mad glitter thing in her eyes.


That was the only thing that Naruto could think before his legs started to run by their own. He could hear then running steps behind him. He get too curious what was behind him. Naruto looked over his shoulder only too see evil aura around Sakura. He almost fainted at seeing her. He then ran even faster past all the villagers Sakura still behind him. Only thing he wanted was that he could get too the training grounds soon. As the two ninjas where out of sight and over the hearing range the villagers burst to the laughing. They did know who will win that.


The creature watched at the two ninjas running to the training grounds. It followed them and watched after them them also. It lightly gray body with some darker gray markings make it hard to see between the buildings. So to Naruto it has seemed that it has disappeared but in reality she has justed sat between two buildings. She could also hide her chakra what made her more hard to notice.

'I'm the guardian of the champers not the one who should look after two youngsters. Why in earth I did have looks after them. Blue Dream would be better in this one. What a lazy male he is'


Mean while Naruto had get to the training grounds, Sakura not far behind him. Then thought Naruto turned to face her, grinning. Sakura looked surprised but soon it faded away. She attacked to him trying to hit him at one of her punches but Naruto dodged it fast. He then tried to kick her but she also dodged the attack. He grinned once again witch make Sakura angry again.

He still thinks that this is game. He is so wrong. I'm going to beat him this time'

'Oh this so fun. She is so mad that the mistakes are huge and I can win this fight in easy way'

"Come on Sakura-chan. I know that you can do better than that"

"Naruto, I will make you eat your words"

"Make me!" he winked still grinning.

Sakura couldn't help at small blush growing on her cheeks. Her heart started to beat fast. She then shook her head and looked to Naruto to only see that he wasn't there anymore. She looked around herself ready to dodge any attack. Then suddenly two arms moves around her holding tightly. After moment she felt warm breath against her ear.

"Got you"

"Dammit, Naruto! Let me go!"

"No I don't"


"I say I don't"


Sakura was trying to kick his foot that would make him release her. Naruto then moved his foot away and picked her up.

"I want my price"

"What the hell? We never have agreed at any prices"

"Well I think I deserve price this time"


"Yes, Sakura-chan?"

"What kinda price you are thinking?" her voice told that she was given up.



Sakura looked to Naruto angry. She was thinking that he was kidding again but this time his eyes showed that he was serious about that. She swallowed and looked down not sure how to reply. She then felt how he put her down and the arms leaved away around her. It made her oddly to herself cold and unwanted. Sakura turned her head to look him. Naruto had places his arms behind his head like he always did. He was looking to the sky, waiting her answer for the first time patiently. She sighed witch make Naruto to look her worried.

"Hey, you don't have to if you don't want"

"I know, Naruto"

Naruto smiled warmly but his smile didn't reach to his eyes. At that Sakura felt herself bad person. She had turned Naruto down again and to be honest herself she did want to kiss him but she didn't forgive herself  how badly she had treaded Naruto in past.



"Maybe later in future"


She just chuckled to him and gave light peck on his cheek and ran off. Naruto stayed stunned next 20 minutes. He then finally moves his hand on the spot where Sakura had kissed him.

'She... She kissed my cheek?! Well not kissed but still'

'Don't tell me that you will day dream rest of the day?!'

'DAM YOU STUBID KITSUNE!!! Don't scare me like that. Didn't I say that already'

Yes you did but I cant stand that day dreaming of your's'

Then go to sleep'

Like I would when I found this more fun than sleeping'

Naruto groaned. One of the things he hated in Kyuubi was that he found funny to tease him.

'Okay I'm ready to train'


'What now?'

Hmm, to be honest boy I don't know really where to start. It would be easier if you would be animal. If you get what I mean'

'Yeah, I do. You are animal, well demon animal, and I'm human. Hmm, I don't have any ideas either'

'This can be harder than I did think'

'What did I hear? Did the all powerful Kyuubi admit that this time he is clueless?!'

'Yes you did, you little brat'

Naruto laughed. For the first time he could say something to Kyuubi. He then sat down on large rock. Some ideas of either Naruto's or Kyuubi's came up to the mind but not even one of them was good or if they where Naruto could not train because he was human. At some point Naruto had suggest that he would use transform jutsu but Kyuubi had said that it would too much of his chakra to keep the transformation up so that he could not really train.Naruto sighed and moved on his back looking up to sky just thinking soon random things. Kyuubi was too busy to notice this. Naruto looked the birds flying and some butterfly flied right front of his nose and he couldn't resist to blow some air to it. The butterfly make couple of circles before it flied away. Naruto snorted and looked back up to sky. Soon both his and Kyuubi's thought was interrupted by Naruto's belly.

'Ahaahaa, guess I'm hungry'

Well I did think you would be hungry earlier all at this brain work'

'Oh shut up'

Naruto jumped of the rock and stretched. He then rubbed his head making the hair really messy. After loud and wide yawn he started to walk back to the village. He did then sense the same chakra than earlier at the day. He looked around himself not turning his head. He soon saw lightly gray wolf or dog with darker gray marks. Naruto blinked and looked the wolf. As the wolf did see that he was staring it not past it or something ells it give low growl and run away.

'Well that was weird'

True. I wonder what it wanted from us?!'

'I never have seen wolves in Konoha so it must be dog. Maybe Kiba would know about this. I ask him after I have had some food'


That was too close. I cant believe that he saw me. I have tell to the others. If he same as his mother we have to soon tell him'

The dog that Naruto had saw ran to the Hokage head's. She then looked sometime around and soon sawed blue dog on the third Hokage's head. It was his favorite spot.

"Blue Dream"

"Yes, Darkest Dungeon?"

"We have to call Sharing and Wild Fire here. Well not here to the underground room"

"What for?"

"Lets say that he is what we did expect"

"Really? Wohoo!"

"Oh shut up now"


"So do I get them or you?"

"I will you can go ahead and rest"

At that Darkest Dungeon chuckled. She couldn't think that this time Blue Dream think that she could be tired at all that watching but better now or never.

"Thank you Blue Dream"

"You are welcome"

At that Blue Dream disappeared and Darkest Dungeon was leaved alone. She then moved next to the stone wall and presses invisible button. Part of the wall slided away showing small tunnel. After she had disappeared in the tunnel the stone wall slided back and the wall looked like there have never been door.


Mean while Naruto had back Ichiraku. He had just get ramen front of him as he got weird feeling. But then he was too hungry to think it more and just shrugged the feeling away. Naruto grinned and smelled to ramen. Then without word he duck in it. After some bowls of ramen (10 of them) he waved to Tetsu and his daughter and started to walk around Konoha wondering where Kiba was. Naruto also know that if he did see Akamaru it wouldn't take long to find Kiba.  But today he seemd unlucky to find either one of them. The was no sign of white dog or its owner.

"Aww man, my luck isn't good today at this thing. Well maybe Shizune-neechan knows if they are on mission"

At the second time on that day Naruto walked to the Hokage building. Thought this time he didn't go upstairs. He did walk on the ground level to the mission room and asked Shizune but they said that she was in hospital. Naruto nodded and walked to the Konoha Hospital. He did take his time because he wasn't in hurry at all. As Naruto get to the hospital he walked to front desk. The lady behind it looked to him.

"How can I help you, sir?"

Naruto blinked. No one ever had put 'sir' when they had talked to him. It was kinda weird to him but he then smiled to be honest liking that he was respected by someone.

"I'm looking Shizune. At the mission room they told that she should be here"

"Ah, Shizune-sama is tempting Team Kurenai members"

"What have happened?"

"I'm sorry but I cant tell. You have to go ask by yourself"

"Oh, so where are they?"

"They are in second floor, left corridor and the final door on right"

"Thank you"

"You are welcome, sir"

Naruto chuckled when he walked up. He really liked to be called 'sir' but somehow he did think that it make himself sound older than he really was. Kakashi or Yamato would be called 'sir' but not him. He then stand front of the door looking at it. After some moment he knocked at it.

"Come on in"

The voice was Shizune's. Naruto entered to the room soon to be tackled by Akamaru.

"Whoa, boy, easy"



"Fine lick him then"

"Kiba thats not what I wanted"

"But Akamaru seems to want"

"Arf, arf"

"What did he say?"

"That he has missed you. No wonder you have been away a lot."

"Haha, what can I do about that. Tsunade Obaachan is like that"

All three in the room burst in to laugh at Naruto's comment. Only Shino keep his coolness as always. All they know that Tsunade hated to be called Obaachan. Only  could Naruto call her at that. Even Akamaru barked couple of times wagging his tail happily and licking Naruto's face. Naruto laughed soon with all the others and rubbed Akamaru's head and neck making the ninja dog roll on the ground on his back and begging more rubbing. Kiba chuckled.

"Well thats the first time I see that. Akamaru never have begged rubbing at anyone ells than me"

"Oh, really?"


Naruto chuckled also. Somehow he had been good with animals always. Maybe it was because of Kyuubi but somehow he doubted it. He then rubbed Akamaru's belly making it back leg kick time to time. Hinata and Shizune chuckled and Kiba just shook his head. Shino was still silent.

"Naruto why are here by the way"

All in the room looked Shino then back to Naruto who seemed to forgot why he was there. He blinked couple of times and looked Akamaru who was still on his back begging even more belly rubbing. Naruto rubbed dog's belly and then he remember why he was there.

"Ah yeah. I wanted to ask something at you Kiba"

"At me?"

"Yes. You see I saw today a dog or wolf following me"

"Can you tell me what kinda it was? That would help me"

"Sure. It was light gray with darker gray markings"

"Did it have red eyes?"

"Hmmm... Yes it did"

"Then it is Darkest Dungeon"


"Darkest Dungeon is her name. She is the guardian of the Konoha's dungeons with three other dogs"

"Oh but it doesn't explain why did she follow me"

"Maybe your chakra did it. You know what I mean"

"Yes I do"

Naruto sighed. Always it was Kyuubi that was made him interesting. Akamaru whined like he would Naruto's thoughts. The dog sit back up and licked Naruto's cheek. Naruto smiled and hugged him.

"Thanks boy"


"Don't worry about it Naruto-kun"

"You are right Hinata"

Naruto looked to the members of Team Kurenai. He smiled warmly not really caring about that mystery dog anymore. The Naruto also remember what the lady had said.

"By the way why are you here?"

"Well we had fight with Sound ninjas"

"Really? I wonder who is ordering them now that Orochimaru is dead"

Kiba shook his head, Hinata shrugged and Shino was emotionless like always. Naruto looked them and blinked.

"You didn't get any clues?"

"No we didn't and that pisses us"

"I can believe that. Oh well I have to go now"

"Oh really I thought you would be here longer"

"Heh, I can't really. I have to get some food to home"


"Meh, not really. More like oranges and that kinda things. Oh maybe I make fruit salad tonight. See you guys later"

Naruto waved to them and ran off. Kiba stared after Naruto as did all the others before they burst laugh again.

"Fruits salad?! I can't believe that he said that"

"Neather can I"

"Naruto you just save my day"

Kiba smirked and lay on the bed. His smirk soon faded. He was worried.

'Why Darkest Dungeon follow Naruto? She should not leave the dungeons. I have to go there tomorrow to check things. I don't like this at all'
I did write this last evening xD

It did came longer than I did expect. More dogs and wolves are coming to show. But the charecters are coming up in 2 or 3 at the time so it dont make so much confusing to the readers xP Thought I may have confused at the dialogs never mind at that.

Part One --> [link]

Part Four --> [link]

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