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It was peaceful and beautiful day in Konoha. Naruto looked up to sky and smiled how blue it was.

Not even a single cloud. This so perfect, it's not too hot or neither too cold. Perfect day to train thanks to that Obaa-chan. She gave us (Team Kakashi) day of after that ,dam too long, mission'

After thinking some more time he stretched and get of the bed. He rubbed his head making his hair  even more messy that it had been. He walked then to fridge and opened it looking inside. When he only see milk, that was old, he decided to go get some breakfast at Ichiraku. Of course it wasn't healthy but he was too lazy to go shop at this time morning. After quick shower and dressing up he walked of at his apartment, locked the door and started his journey to Ichiraku Ramen Shop.

For some reason Naruto couldn't stop smiling. Maybe it was the weather that make him so happy. He greeted one of the shopkeeper's of Konoha Street. He and his wife where the only ones who did give him food when he was younger and they treaded Naruto as he was their own child.

"Oh my, Naruto. How in world you are up this time at day? You usually sleep past noon if you have day of" asked the shopkeeper's wife. Naruto smirked.

"I don't know really. I couldn't sleep and it is nice day so I decide to train little now that I have time"

"Training or mission's, you don't do anything ells than that in these days" shopkeeper shakes his head

"I cant help it really. Tsunane Obaachan wants me and my team member's all those mission's because she know we will success" Naruto chuckled.

"Well thats true. You are best ninja I know in this village, Naruto"

At that Naruto smiled shyly and rubbed back of his head, his cheeks lightly pink.

"Thank you. Well I have some breakfast at Ichiraku and then I head to training ground's"

"Ichiraku! Thats not good food for breakfast, Naruto" shopkeeper's wife looked Naruto her arms crossed.

"Well....I...ummmm..." the young man could only mumble.

"Only this once young man, do you understand"


After that Naruto walked of faster than he wanted but he did scare that face he get at shopkeeper's wife. Only 5 minutes after speed walking he was front of Ichiraku. Naruto panted lightly, taked couple of deep breath's and go in.

"Naruto, how is my favorite costumer?"


"Hahahhhaaaa! Thats not surprise because you are here. So what I can do you?"

"Regular one, please"

"Coming right up"

'Awww man I'm hungry. Speed walking with empty belly isn't good idea but that face sure is scary. Oh well when I go home I will buy some food that I can have my own breakfast tomorrow morning.'

"Here you go" bowl of warm and delicious ramen was put front of Naruto.

"Yay!" with that he started to eat.

After some time (10 bowls) Naruto waved goodbye to Teuchi. He stretched front of the Ramen Shop and almost right after that someone bumped to him. At fast movement Naruto graped  at the person's arm so that he/she wouldn't not fall down. Thought the book's that the person was carrying did fall on the ground. At small look to the book's Naruto could tell that there was almost 20 of them and they all was about medical ninjutsu. Even that he haven't looked the person, he know who she was.

'Heh, too easy to know who would have this much of book's at medical ninjutsu'

"Are you okay, Sakura-chan?" Naruto turned his head to look at the pink haired medical ninja.

"Yes, thanks to you really" she reply cheeks lightly pink.

Naruto nodded and helped her up. Then he looked down to the book's and kneel down to pick them up.

"Naruto you don't have to. I can get them.." she was interrupted by Naruto.

"It was kinda my fault Sakura-chan. I should have looked before I did came out. By the way I can take half of these and help you take them where ever you want" he looked up to Sakura and smiled warmly witch made her heart skip beat.

"Thank you Naruto, you are very kind to help me" she smiled back.

"No problem" he get up and handed to Sakura 1/3 of the books making Sakura lightly confused "So where now?"

"Ah, uuh to the library. I was taking these back"

"Okay, lets get going. I want to go training, its so nice day"

Sakura chuckled, she did know that Naruto trained all the time and lately she was been following him to see his training. Of course most of the time Naruto did see her eventually witch lead that they ended have match. Naruto wonned most of them but the how he wonned was always the same; Sakura was laying on her back at even by Naruto's kick or punch, he then holding at her wrists so that she cant use her hands and sitting on her, their face's couple of centimeter's away from each others.

"Sakura-chan? Are you okay?"

"Huh?" she snapped out of her thoughts and looked to Naruto and blushed lightly. "Yes I'm fine"

"You sure? You seemed to be in your thoughts. Has something happened?"

"No, nothing. I just think one thing at the book and decided to ask about it at Tsunade-sama"

"Ah, okay if you say so"

"Still thanks, Naruto" she smiled softly witch make him blush.

It take time to walk to library but neither of them didn't mind at it. They just enjoyed at the time they had together. Chatting and laughing they eventually came to library. Walking in Naruto and Sakura handed the books to one of the worker's in there. After greeting they walked back to outside. Naruto stretched his arms up.

"Man those books where heavy"

"Why you then take 2/3 of them? I could take half of them easily"

"Its not polite make woman carry more or same amount of things than man"

"And when did you came that kinda man, Naruto?" the tone of her voice was lightly teasing, she thought smiled.

"I always have been" he added getting in the play argue that she wanted.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah really!"

Both young ninja's looked in their eyes. Everyone was looking them, they had shout last sentence's. They stared  for time and then burst  in to laugh, making everyone jump and then chuckle and giggle and continue they daily things. Naruto and Sakura whipped the tears away at their eyes.

"I cant believe how much I enjoy at that" Naruto panted lightly.

"Same here. And I cant believe that people doesn't say anything. Just stare and then laugh with us"

"It can because I'm Jinchuuriki. Or they think its funny" he chuckled.

"I think its because its funny" she reply more serious tone.


Naruto why cant you see that they really respects you. They don't see you as monster anymore'

"Oh yeah didn't you say that you wanted to ask something at Tsunade-baachan?"

"Ah, yes"

"Well then I walk you there. It always nice to see that old granny"

"Naruto you know that she doesn't like to be called granny"

"But she is old"

"Oh dear lord with you.." she sighed.


"Nothing just let go already" she punched him light.

"Aaaa-aaa, she hits. Help me!"

"Naruto, come back here. I wasn't hitting"

In second time at that day villagers of Konoha had their best laughs thanks to two young ninja's that enjoyed at it. The race that they have now did continue in Hokage's office.


Tsunade was having one of her rare free moments because all paper work. She didn't know how in earth the past Hokage's managed to have free time so much. She sighed and looked outside the window sipping her tea. Suddenly she hear some running steps and that they grow louder. Tsunade turned towards the door ready to shout too the person who comes in at the door but as the door open she only could open her own mouth to see 2 young ninja's more like rolling in than running.

"Dam you Naruto! Why did you shout like that?"

"Ow, easy Sakura-chan, itte, I was, owy, just kidding"


"Oh really, I then show you what kidding I am"



Tsunade was speechless. She just stared to young ones to wrestle in her office. It seemed that neither of them was winning this match. In one moment Naruto was winning in next one Sakura. As the wrestling had go for 15 or 20 minutes Naruto got upper hand ,because that stamina he had, and pinned Sakura down like many time before. Panting heavily they stared each others. Sakura's eyes showing some rage as Naruto's only joy.

"If you 2 are done and before start to make out I'd like that you do it somewhere ells than my office"

They both blushed and get up looking embarrassment what they had dome front of Hokage. Naruto rubbed back of his head looking somewhere in the sealing as Sakura looked down to her toes cheeks all red.

"Did you have something to tell?"

"Ah, no sensei. I wanted to ask one thing" Sakura reply getting serious again.

"And what was it?"

"Well I read one...."

Naruto didn't hear anything ells at the conversation of the 2 medical ninja's. He was looking the sealing in his thoughts already.

Hmmm, I'm not sure does Sakura-chan have feelings towards me or not. Hmph, I'd like to know but I don't want to ask about it. Awww man I have to stop thinking this. What kinda training today? Maybe I should improve my shadow clone technique's?'

'How about training my justu's boy?'

WHAT? Dam you kitsune don't scare me'

'Well? I bet they will be handy some day.'


'Good. Tell me when you are ready. If I know you even little you are going to ask that girl have match with you...'

'You just read my thought's thats it'



At the sudden shout in his ear Naruto jumped almost meter up.

"What was that for Sakura-chan?"

"I have been calling you for 5 minutes already, dummy"

"Oh sorry. I...I was in my thought's"

"We did notice that" Tsunade said this time.

"I'm sorry"

"Its okay, Naruto. We can go now I have asked what I wanted at sensei"

Naruto nodded to Sakura. They walked out of the office waving goodbye to Tsunade, thought he added Obaachan in the end witch make her shout them out at the office. As the door was shut all 3 grinned happily, knowing that it was okay.

"Hey Sakura?"


"Want to have rematch?" he grinned.

"You bet" she grinned also.

"Race you at the training ground's then"


Tsunade hear their little chat other side of the door and then soon running steps. She sighed and looked outside at the window to see 2 teenagers running towards training ground's, happily laughing.

'Its too peaceful. I wonder how long this will take and those 2 will have so much good time with each others.'

As she reached to the tea cup it crack and right after that small shadowly creature jumped of the tree next to Hokage building, making Tsunade more worried than before.

'Gah! This really doesn't mean anything good. Please Naruto, Sakura, please be safe. Something is happening soon and if this feeling is right its gone affect in our life's strongly.'
Here is the next part :) Didn't really take song long to new one as I did expect :D I'm happy about that.

Ah, yes. I did start the story at the morning and so on because I think it would be good thing and like that I have more longer and it explanes more about Naruto's and Sakura's feelings to each others. And if you didn't get last time this is NaruSaku story .-.

Part One --> [link]

Part Three --> [link]

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